Frequently Asked Questions

For Student / Guardian

Register as a student/guardian is completely free in Go to our homepage, you will see an option (Hire a tutor). Just click here to create an account and post your tutor requirements.
You (student/guardian) can post your tutor requirements in a very easy method. Just Sign in or get registered as student /guardian and click to “ Post Another Tuition Job” for filling up your genuine tutor requirement details.
After receiving your tutor request, our advanced system will analyze it and post it on our Job Board. After getting sufficient amount of applications from the tutors, we’ll send 5(Max) best tutor CV’s in your Inbox and Email according to your tutor requirements.
You can choose the best one based on their experiences, educational background and references. Hence you’re requested to check the tutor's credentials. Ask about training, experience, and references. It is important that the tutor is a certified teacher or has expertise in the subject being taught.
Though we verify a Tutor’s background but you need to ask the tutor to show the all academic credentials. It's a good idea to interview all potential tutors by phone and meet in a public place the first time as a safety measure. By exercising caution and using good judgement, you should be able to avoid any problems.
Yes, we have helped a number of people preparing for the SAT, IELTS, GMAT, GRE, GED, University Admission and other types of exams.

For Tutor

You can sign up on our website if you would like to find tutoring jobs and earn some extra income. It is absolutely free to sign up. Once you have created your account and filled your profile completely, you can apply for your preferred tutoring jobs. Noted that your profile is the most important tool to get a job faster. So, take some time and do it right. is a great way to find people who are interested in hiring you for tutoring jobs. Tutoring is one of the most lucrative and rewarding part-time jobs out there, and we are really excited to provide a website where a tutor and student/guardian can communicate for thier mutual interest. We really believe that our platform is the future of the tutoring industry (people connecting online) and we would love to have you join us! To get started you can sign up as a tutor here.
Click at the “Become a Tutor” button & fill up all the information you have requested.
You get paid directly by the student/guardian. is not involved in any transactions between tutors and students. This means that you can get paid however is most convenient for you.
Yes, you can change your preferred locations, categories and so on.
After finalizing a job to a tutor, we ask for a 50 % advance of tutors first month's payment (Only once for each tuition job). We also have the policy to return the full money back to the tutor if somehow he/she loses the job within a month after paying the advance.
After creating a tutor profile you need to send a profile verification request from your tutor profile & then our profile verification team will process further for verifying your profile. You need to pay 500taka service charge for verifying your profile.
There is no data accuracy of an unverified profile. So by verifying your profile, you are ensuring the employer that the data you have provided in your profile is accurate & authentic. team will give the confirmation that the data you have provided is genuine by showing a verification icon in your profile. This icon may help you to get more attention from students & parents.
It’s not mandatory to verify your profile for applying for a tuition job. But a verified profile will help you to seek attention from the employer. If you are selected for a tuition job then this is mandatory to verify your profile .