What some awesome tutor says about us

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    Barrister Rifat Rahman

    University of Bedfordshire

    I am pleased to admit that Caretutors.com has made an exception at our traditional private teaching sector. I should say I got proper support from all the departments of Caretutors.com. It would be my pleasure if I carry on my journey with Caretutors.com family.

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    Fahmida Alam Bintu

    University of Dhaka

    I am very pleased and happy after working with Caretutors.com. They're very trustworthy. Looking forward to gathering more good experience with Caretutors.com.

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    Shamsun Nahar Safa

    North South University

    I would like to thank the Caretutors.com team for the great opportunity that they have offered me for the past few months. I really enjoyed working with them. Caretutors.com have been the best one I’ve worked with in many aspects for both students and tutors. I would definitely recommend to any of my colleagues.

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    Tahmin Aysha Murshed

    BRAC University

    In my messy schedule I've found Caretutors.com as a smart platform to find tuition in specific areas.It is a nice platform to create communication between the tutor and the students to help out their search and found confusions.I'm happy to be a part of Caretutors.com.

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    Shirin Shila

    Jahangirnagar University

    In this time of expressing, I must express my immense thanks to Caretutors.com. Working with them has been an amazing opportunity for me. I appreciate their high standards, consistent focus, and fine sense of support and response. Wish you a very successful journey in further future!

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    Aqib Wassy Deepta

    BRAC University

    Quality education is essential and Care tutors.com has become the standard of excellence bringing fruitful solutions to our problems. My journey with Care tutors.com has been phenomenal and their consistent support has always provided with optimum solutions.

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What student / parent says about us

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    Zakaria Habib


    I found this platform very safe & secure. I already got two tutors by using this platform. Best wishes for Caretutors.com.

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    Rokeya Akter Moni


    I am taking their service from last 4 years. This is most trustable source for me to get tutor for my child.

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    Ariful Islam

    Job Holder

    I am very satisfied about this platforms. Caretutors.com really help me to find the right tutor. I will recommend this service to others.

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